Mobi Wallet Adds Litecoin support, uses Lites as unit

mobi wallet iphone

Popular crypto currency wallet, Mobi Wallet, has added support for Litecoin. Surprisingly, this new version makes use of Litecoin’s new unit, Lites as default where 1 Litecoin equals 1000 Lites. Other than Litecoin, Mobi supports more than 100 crypto and fiat currencies including USD and Euro. Mobi wallet is available for both iOS and android phones for free. You can use the wallet for sending and receiving payments. However, keep in mind that the private keys are not made available to the user – just like coinbase.

Mobi wallet also lets you change and sell your crypto currencies inside the wallet itself. For instance, you can convert your bitcoin or ethereum to litecoin using “convert” tool inside the app.

You can also order a Mobi branded multi-currency debit card so you will be able to spend your crypto currencies in real world which makes it very similar to TenX, Monaco which also make crypto spendable. You can order the debit card from the mobi wallet app. There is a limit of $200 / $1000 limit for single unverified / verified ATM transaction. You can get it delivered worldwide for only $19 / €19 / £19. It can be used worldwide but there is a 3% foreign transaction fee.