LunoMoney acquired by Digital Currency Group

Digital Currency Group has made announcement on their twitter account that they have acquired LunoMoney and by joining forces, Digital Currency Group will be accelerating the creation and adoption of a better, more accessible financial system.

LunoMoney acquired by Digital Currency Group

Right now, LunoMoney allows users to buy Bitcoin, Etherueum, Ripple and Litecoin. We hope to see more coins listed as time goes on. We also hope this reduces the charges on transaction, brings in more coins and speeds up service delivery time.

We bet we will see start of many acquisitions of crypto media outlets as the mainstream media scrambles to get a grip in this industry. They currently lack any real SME’s. We are looking forward to the future of Bitcoin and other cyptocurrencies in emerging markets around the globe.

Ever since Luno has launched, it has gone through a name change and launch in 30+ countries so we are excited to see what lies ahead.

Digital Currency Group wholly-owned portfolio is quite a “crypto business index” –

Genesis Trading for OTC trading, custody, lending, prime brokerage
Grayscale for asset management
CoinDesk for cryptocurrency news, events, info
Foundry Services for mining, staking
Lunomoney for cryptocurrency exchange and cryptocurrency wallet