is a scam, do not deposit any BTC

line crypto scam

There is yet-another cryptocurrency related scam on twitter, where you are normally approached by an attractive Chinese girl. Name of website is and in this, the girl tells you that she lives in China and due to cryptocurrency / bitcoin ban in China, she is unable to withdraw her funds.

She tells you that if you help her withdraw her funds, she will give you 10 percent of bitcoin wallet.

So, you asked to open website and make an account for her so that she transfers her funds to YOUR wallet and then send it back to her in different wallet.

The site looks eerily similar to CEX‘s website.

Once you make the account on, she sends you the bitcoin that reach you within 30 seconds. This itself, is the biggest red flag as it takes from 20 minutes to 1 hours for BTC funds to arrive. You try to withdraw the funds and you get error that says that you must have minimum 0.1 BTC before you withdraw the fake 4BTC.

This is the main part of scam – telling you to deposit 0.1BTC and withdrawing it to her account. The funds are not real – just a number because bitcoin funds do not arrive this fast and nobody would give you a staggering 4BTC to unknown person on the internet.