Ledger Database leak: customers getting phone calls asking to KYC

ledger database leak hack

Hacker who stole entire Ledger database containing personal information of buyers like their real name, mail address and phone number has put the entire Ledger database on a forum called raidforums. This puts all of the Ledger Nano S and Nano X hardware wallet buyers at risk as they will now be getting lot of spam and phishing emails asking for secret phrase.

This secret phrase will allow anyone to get full access to your funds stored on your Ledger Nano S or Nano X even if they don’t physically have them. Infact, many customers have already started getting phone calls, text messages and emails asking about to KYC them where they also ask about their secret phrase.

Ledger is fully aware of this issue and they have confirmed that this database contains data from June 2020 which is still very recent. Clearly, Ledger has not handled this database leak the way it should have been held.

If you think you have been doxed, feel free to download the database from raidforums and check that yourself.

However, it shall be cleared that Ledger Nano X or S hardware wallets are not compromised. They are excellent and works as expected. You should simply ignore any phishing emails, phone calls and text messages, which we are sure will get annoying.

Also, if you bought Ledger Nano on an ecommerce website like Amazon, your information is safe with Amazon as this has effected only those who directly bought hardware wallet from Ledger’s official website.