Ledge Live adds optional privacy to Bitcoin

Popular crypto hardware wallet seller, Ledger has churned out v2.11.1 of Ledger Live that adds powerful feature called Coin Control that adds many new features to the way you do Bitcoin transactions. One that caught our eye is optional privacy.

ledger live bitcoin privacy

This new privacy feature can be accessed in Advanced Options when creating a transaction on Bitcoin or a its derivative blockchain.

Coin Control also gives you ability to replace bitcoin transactions. This can only be done if there are zero confirmations. This can be useful if you wish to cancel the transaction or make it faster by replacing it a similar transaction with higher fees so that can be mined faster.

New features in v2.11.1 are given below.
Added support for Algorand (ALGO) assets directly in Ledger Live!
Manage your Algorand accounts, send, receive ALGO, and earn rewards!
Coin Control support for Bitcoin and Bitcoin-based assets in the send flow.
Full Bitcoin Cash CashAddr support, now used for receiving addresses and in operation details.
Improved crypto and fiat currency formatting.
Added operation type in operation details (Send, Receive, Stake, etc.).
Reformatted the identifier displayed during a firmware update to make it easier to verify.

Bug Fixes
Multiple UI bugs on Cosmos and Tron integration.
Minor slider bug during gas limit selection.
Fixed banner button and position.
Fixed account name overflow in title bar breadcrumbs.