FinexArena Review: The Intuitive Trading Platform


Despite several setbacks, the crypto market is undoubtedly one of the most progressive sectors in the global financial market. With the integration of Blockchain technology to a world inclined towards emerging innovative technology, the crypto world has seen a burgeoning interest in its assets and offerings.

However, the subsequent growth in crypto trading had been forestalled by the complexities of its marketplace as well as shortages in a unified trading environment. As such, the need for an intuitive trading platform was promoted.

To foster an environment for diversified assets trading, FinexArena was developed to offer Forex and crypto traders access to premium services. Today, this broker has built its reputation as a unique platform with support for digital and flexibility in trading.

As an intuitive online platform, FinexArena harnesses the diversities in innovative technologies to provide options for retail and institutional investors of all experience levels seeking to expand their holdings through trading.

In this review, we provide you with the intricacies and services offered by this digital trading platform:

FinexArena at a Glance

Broker FinexArena
Minimum Initial Deposit $250
Demo Account Yes
Leverage 1:1; 1:1000
Asset Coverage Forex, Indices, Stock options, CFDs, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies
Trading Platforms MT4 Webtrader, iPhone Trader, iPad Trader, Android Trader, Desktop Platforms
Account Types Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond

FinexArena: the Online Intuitive Trading Platform

In light of the world’s leans towards digitisation, FinexArena was launched to provide digital resources as well as a unified platform for financial product offerings and trade. Being in operation since 2018, this platform has focused the bane of its research on improving access to several investment options.

FinexArena channels the demand for regulated environment and security in the light of the volatility of the crypto and traditional financial market to provide its clients with derivative trading options and diverse assets.

These assets include cryptocurrencies, Contracts for Difference (CFDs), Forex as well as commodities such as Brett gold.

The platform has to its portfolio more than 200 trading and investment instruments and consequently boasts of over 169 thousand traders served with trading volumes valued at over 1.82 trillion USD.

As an intuitive marketplace, FinexArena inculcates several features to provide traders and investors of all experience levels with insightful tools. These tools are integrated to impart adequate knowledge and real-time information about the prevalent trade and market conditions for better decision-making.

The platform also oversees partnership programs and promotions, which ensures that users get to maximise profits in different. Now with an advanced but user-friendly interface, the Forex broker has over 69 million orders processed.

It is one of the critical drivers of financial inclusion with its doors open to users of different devices and variety of asset classes, including cryptocurrencies. With FinexArena, investors and traders are public to relatively safe, regulated and liquidity maximisation.

Contract for Differences Options on FinexArena

FinexArena places one of its bases of research on prevalent market conditions and seeks to provide a way for investors and traders to maximise profits on its platform. As such, it offers several options to those aiming at navigating through the market, and this includes contracts for differences (CFDs).

Contract for Differences (CFDs) is financial products derivatives launched to provide a measure of stability to investors in the face of volatility. They are simply contracts that bind a buyer to a seller or an asset over a stipulated period.

They are functional over the strike price of an asset when a position is opened and the final value at the end of the stipulated period and require payment of the differences in value over that period.

Though perceived as risky to traders without adequate knowledge of the market movements, these CFDs function as an advantage to those seeking to improve their earnings through trading. FinexArena stands out in this product offering by providing ways of reducing these risks.

FinexArena has a provisional platform which includes a wide range of tools and educational materials to enlighten traders. It also offers unique leverage on assets which works as another advantage to derivatives investors and traders.

Leverage Trading on FinexArena

Leveraging on trading platforms provide traders and users with the opportunity to earn more. With leverage offers, traders can benefit from open positions without restrictions posed by limited capital.

On FinexArena, leverages from 1:1 up to 1:1000 are offered on a variety of assets. The leverage avails you of the opportunity to pay 1% of whichever price you choose to trade with. However, it is dependent on the asset class.

For instance, leverage from 1:100 is offered on Forex while leverage up to 1:30 is being provided on commodity CFDs. On the flip side, leverage trading holds its level of risk. Trading with leverages on the platform requires adequate analysis of market conditions as well as experience.

Unique Features Offered by FinexArena

Diverse Products Offerings

In line with providing a digital platform for trading, FinexArena is a brokerage with aims of advancing a bridge between existing financial markets and budding markets such as the crypto market.

As such, FinexArena includes a provisional platform with a wide array of crypto products such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tron (TRX) as well as CFDs on these assets.

The range of products also runs trough Forex metals, CFDs on Index, Stock and Commodities. The trading platform supports ten currencies with over 22 trading pairs listed on its platform.

Multiple Payments Methods

To ease trading and unparalleled access to options on the platform, FinexArena integrated a unified payment platform which enables numerous avenues for transactions. This broker allows for easy withdrawal and deposits with various payment routes.

Payment processing on the platform is enabled by routes including Wire Transfer, Visa card, MasterCard and Wallet services. While FinexArena functions as a platform with transparency and fast transaction rates, it bases a part of its payments execution on the financial institution and card issuers.

The payments method used, as well as transaction rates on the platform, are dependent on the choice of assets and trade. This broker employs the Dukascopy bank policies as a basis of its online fixed and variable rates.

Payment Method Minimum Deposit Minimum Withdrawal Deposit Fees Withdrawal fees Withdrawal Time Deposit Time
Wire Transfer 300 USD or EUR Based on Portfolio or Contract None None 2-15 Working Days (based on the bank) 2-15 Working Days
MasterCard 300 USD or EUR Based on Portfolio or Contract None None 2-15 Working Days (based on the bank) Up to 30 minutes
Visa 300 USD/EUR Based on Portfolio or Contract None None 2-15 Working Days (based on the bank) Up to 30 minutes
Wallets 300 USD/EUR Based on Portfolio or Contract None None On the same business day Instant

Highly Comprehensible System and Superb Customer Support

In the digital world, enabling a system that allows easy navigation and prompt response to inquiries is one of the best ways of retaining traffic. FinexArena channels the capabilities of cutting edge technologies to providing an accessible system for users of all level of digital comprehension.

The online foreign exchange broker features an intuitive platform with a highly understandable interface with superb operational rates. This platform overrides several inconsistencies associated with high traffic on online or digital systems.

Its system is remarkable straight-forward and ensures fast execution of commands. It also features a multi-lingual support system that assures accommodation of users of diverse languages and nationality.

With 24-hour and 5-day customer care and support, FinexArena upholds the needs of its customers and ensures due attention is paid to the users’ contentment and accessibility. This support system stands out with a prompt response to queries and inquiries.

Security and Safety of Funds

Trading in a digitally advanced system holds a high measure of risks. From losses incurred due to uncertainty and market movements to threats posed by advances in system vulnerability exploitation, online trading embodies tasking risks.

FinexArena considers these risks and works at nipping them at the bud with its heavily encrypted system. The platform ensures security and privacy by enabling a multi-factor authentication system.

Its security layers utilise VPS hosting compatibility for the safety of funds, trading positions and automated trading on its platform. On the sidelines, FinexArena requires that customers take extra precautions in keeping private keys and passwords private while complying with the specified regulations on the platform.

Educational Resources

FinexArena is a brokerage that understands the importance of apt knowledge and experience in trading. It seeks to foster inclusion and as such, accommodates users of different levels of experience.

In line with its goal, the platform features thorough researches and resources for the education of users. With due information about trading, the market structures in place as well as real-time updates, traders and investors can make informed decisions on investments.

The homepage of the platform showcases updates in market movements globally. It also features deep market insights and trading kits for traders willing to open a position or gain maximally from the investment options available.

Fixed Account on FinexArena

Fixed spreads allow traders to make strategic decisions on trading due to its nature. Dealing with fixed spreads overrules market volatility and the dynamics of the market by enabling knowledge of the spread beforehand.

FinexArena has an account function integrated explicitly for this purpose. With the Fixed (FIX) account, users have access to several features to provide better control over trading positions and decisions.

Investors and traders of this variation are entitled to flexible bonus offerings, and highly competitive prices on Forex spreads. FinexArena offers fixed spreads on Forex, Commodities such as Gold and silver, Indices, and CFDs on Shares.

Features of the FIX Account

● Fixed leverage up to 1:400

● Minimum Opening Deposit and Reload Deposit requirements of USD 250 and USD 50 respectively

● Compatible with MetaTrader 4, WebTrader and Mobile Trading

● Maximum open trades of 150 and Maximum total trade size of 75

● Margin call and Stop out percentage of 30% and 15%

● No commission per Lot required.

Forms of Account of FinexArena

FinexArena seeks to accommodate traders of all levels of capitals and has different account types to aid its goal. These account types are identified by markers such as the initial deposit limit, leverages, access to programs and bonuses.

These accounts are created with experience levels of the trader in sight and are highlighted by access to exclusive offers and features.

Silver Account

The silver account on FinexArena is an account that allows investors and traders to trade on the primary level. It features 20% on bonus offerings and 1.5% interest rate on investments over 24 months.

This account type requires that a minimum brokerage limit of $250 and $50,000 on investment. With this account, investors can apply withdrawals on interest over investment account once in every calendar year.

Investors get the added advantage of free access to personal account manager for consultation and private session with an experienced market analyst. this account type is not restricted to any experience class and is highly suitable for investors seeking to test the waters before diving in.

Gold Account

This account type is an advanced silver account with its primary features improved. The minimum brokerage limit for this account is $10,000 and $100,000 on investment. This account provides users with access to market insights and trading signals.

With this account, users are entitled to 50% applicable bonus, and interest withdrawals are made quarterly. Five individual sessions with trading analysts are enabled with this account and the commitment requirement for this account is 12 months.

Platinum Account

Users of this account type have the minimum brokerage limit increased to $50,000, and the minimum investment is $250,000. They are, however, entitled to consultations with an executive account manager and unlimited private sessions with market analysts.

The bonus on this account extends to 100% with monthly interest rates stipulated at 3.75% over 12 months. Interest withdrawal is slated to be once in every calendar month, and trading signals are fully extended to users.

The commitment level requirement of the platinum account is six months, and the interest withdrawals are only applied to investment accounts.

Diamond Account

The minimum brokerage limit here is $250,000, and the investment limit runs to $1 million. Users of this account have full access to trading signals, private sessions with an experienced market analyst.

For this account, investors and brokers are entitled to 125% on brokerage and investments. Interest withdrawal is 3.75% per month and occurs once in a calendar month. Commitment requirements are fixed at six months.

Tools and Widgets Applicable for Trading

To further ease the transition into trading on its platform, FinexArena integrated several tools and widgets applicable to navigation and all trading activities. These tools include:

Dividend Adjustment Calendar

Dividend adjustments are characterised by applications to positions on asset classes such as CFDs on stocks and index where shareholders are paid dividends by the underlying companies.

These adjustments are applied to positions that are open at the settlement point of a trading day preceding the ex-dividend period.

This tool provides information on the adjustments in the amount of the quote currency value of the CFD instrument. This information includes historical, future and real-time data on the adjustments.

Profit Calculator

This tool is instrumental in enabling the user to make due calculations on earnings and is based on data. The profit calculator provides information on applicable requirements on margin, rollover and volume commissions as well as profits or loss incurred.

The calculations are done by the Dukascopy bank policies and apply to all trading instruments available on the platform.

Daily Highs and Lows

Access to clear but detailed information on market movements can aid brilliant trading decision-making. The Daily Highs and Lows Widget provides data on the highs and lows in the prices of a variety of products offered on the platform.

The daily range shown includes the period of the maximum and minimum price range, the current price levels and the previous data on the assets.

Advanced Currency Converter

This tool considers the dynamics of currency and exchange rates. It harnesses historical data and real-time information on currencies to provide required calculations, and it also adjusts to the commission rates charged by the financial institution affiliated with the brokerage.

This tool functions as a mini travel companion and covers a wide range of trading Forex instruments listed on the exchange’s trading platform.


As a trader with aims of maximising profits while dealing with the intricacies of the world of digital trading, the choice of an innovative, secure trading platform is essential. FinexArena is an intuitive foreign exchange broker which provides excellent investment and trading options to clients.

This platform harnesses innovative technological functionalities to develop unique trading services and tools needed by clients to succeed in the global financial market. FinexArena has built a reputation as a bridge to crypto and traditional financial market.

To this effect, it offers a wide array of trading instruments, including cryptocurrencies, commodities, Forex currencies and instruments, indices, and stock options. In line with this, FinexArena has achieved its aims of fostering inclusion by offering its services on multiple trading interfaces while including variable payment methods and multilingual functions on its platform.