Ethereum Emerald (ETE) is unofficial hard fork of Ethereum Classic

ethereum emerald

One of the best things about decentralized blockchains like bitcoin, ethereum and ethereum classic is that anyone can perform a hard fork and make a new coin. Ethereum Emerald is going to do a hard fork on 13th of July 2018.

Here are details of the Ethereum Classic fork slated to happen in month of July 2018.

Symbol: ETE
Fork height: 6100000th block
Time: July 13th 2018
Total supply: 408 million=102 million from hard fork+306 million for reservation
The 306 million from reservation is divided in to:
Pre-sale 20 million: 1ETC= 400 ETE
Reserved: 286 million

As you can see, there is a big difference between the total supply of ETC and ETE (102M vs 408M). Ethereum Emerald team is doing a sale of the coins as well where one ETC will fetch you 400 ETE. Minimum order is 5ETC. Proceed with extreme caution. Here is the official website of Ethereum Emerald project

Unlike Callisto fork that was officially supported by the Ethereum Classic team, this is an unofficial fork. Ethereum Classic team has openly called it a scam and says they are trying to confuse ETC users by using Emerald in coin’s name which is a wallet for Ethereum Classic.