Bytecoin Android Wallet brings untraceable payments to mobile

download bytecoin android wallet

The official Bytecoin wallet for android smartphones has been released. This will allow bytecoin users to send and receive BCN from anyone on their mobile devices. The app is easy to use and runs without hiccups on any android phone. You will be asked to register the first time you log on. We found if you earlier registered on bytecoin’s web wallet, you can use your existing credentials.

Here is its feature set:

* Send, receive and store your Bytecoins
* Stay totally anonymous with untraceable transactions
* Get real-time Bytecoin rates
* Generate the QR code of your wallet addresses
* Automatically convert your BCN to BTC and USD
* Simply generate, copy and share your wallet addresses
* Set dynamic fees, manage anonymity level and Payment ID
* Use up to 10 addresses with one account

So despite being the first version, the new bytecoin android wallet is brimming with features. For instance, you can convert your bytecoin to fiat with a touch of a button. You can also manage upto 10 bytecoin address in one account. It is even possible to set dynamic fees and anonymity levels.

The iOS app is going to made available soon as well.