DeTrade Fund exit scams, runs away with 1438 Ether

DeTrade Fund recently made it to Yahoo Finance where it was touted to disrupt cryptocurrency market with its arbitrage bots with a goal of beating crypto whales.

exit scam

Well, it exit scammed today, running away with whopping 1438 Ether that it raised during a private sale. A video has surfaced which is said to be AI generated. We can see his chin and color moving in weird fashion.

Crypto coin daddy was able to dug out some more details about DeTrade Fund. Its address, 36 Ballards Lane, London, United Kingdom, N3 1XW is a mall. The company is registered by Mark Jensen, whose address is 94 Holborn Viaduct, London England EC1A 2BN.


All ether was sent here and then moved here which is currently valued around $0.8 million. Sadly, a lot of people lost money due to media hype generated by DeTrade. Investors need to be more careful in future. Deep fakes and AI generated content can sometime look very real.

stolen funds

Scammers will repeat this and this is why we are raising awareness so that you know what to look for and don’t get fooled again.

Here is link to Yahoo Finance article, in case someone in learning more about DeTrade Fund.