Dash partners with Coinprofile, a cryptocurrency payment processor from Nigeria

Dash has partnered with Coinprofile, a Nigerian based cryptocurrency payments company. Coinprofile is providing its users with the best possible Dash experience, using InstantSend to solve inefficiencies and lower costs around remittances and payments.

dash coinprofile

Coinprofile says they added Dash as they loved its speed and zero transaction fees. The transactions made on Dash are lighting fast and using Dash blockchain, Coinprofile will be scaling its platform to thousands of Dash users around the world so that they can send money anywhere around the world.

Coinprofile is cryptocurrency payment gateway based in Nigeria, which also has highest localbitcoincoins.com volume on daily basis. This shows how strong is the interest in cryptocurrencies. All transactions are converted into local currencies so that local merchants do not have to visit cryptocurrency exchange websites to convert dash to Nigerian Naira.

Users too can convert their Dash into Naira without going online to exchanges. Anyone who accepts bank deposits can allow users to make purchases online with Dash.

This will also be extremely helpful for cross-country payments as there transfers fees in fiat are as high as 15 percent. Using Dash, users will be able to send transactions from other countries to locals in Nigeria which they can easily convert into Naira using Coinprofile platform.