Dash Direct Program shuts down

Due to latest US government’s criminal regulations, the Dash Direct program has finally been shut down. The people behind Dash Direct program say that government has simply made it impossible for Dash Direct program to continue. It will be permanently closing its doors on July 15th 2023 – its last date of operations.

dash direct

So if you are addicted to Dash Direct, there is a similar service called Bitrefill that is suggested by developers. It works very well and supports Dash currency so you can spend your cryptocurrency directly.

If you are interested, here is the reason by Dash Direct team.

Here is one such change that has caused major issues and will continue to do so. We had multiple banks state unequivocally that they cannot work with us if we have any clients or vendors who have anything whatsoever to do with crypto due to this. This means that Ionia and our clients are all viewed as high risk, if Ionia has one client who is in crypto. Multiple banks walked back their approvals after this final rule was published. One canceled our program the day it was scheduled for final testing and subsequent launch – Visa Rewards Global.

This is one example. Many other actions that occurred – many on the same day that the SEC filed against Coinbase and Binance – are not public. There is an all-out attack against cryptocurrency related financial products by multiple enforcement agencies and regulators.