DApp browser removed from Trust Wallet iOS version

trust wallet dapp support

DApp support will be completely removed from Trust wallet version of iOS. This is not happening to its android which will remain fully functional. Apple does not wants its users to visit any DApp websites which will why it is slowing asking all cryptocurrency wallets to remove DApp browser support from their apps. 

So what now? Are your funds gone? Nope, all of your funds are safe as they are stored on blockchain and not inside any application, which in this case is Trust wallet. 

The best way to keep enjoying this functionality to buy or move to an Android device. Backup and restore Trust wallet recovery phrase and you’re good to go. 

On computer, you can make use of WalletConnect, which allows DApp websites to start their session by scanning QR code on desktop or by clicking DApps’ deep link. 

Moving to android is better option, according to official announcement, if you don’t like changes. On Android, you get the same trust wallet experience that you’re used to on an iOS device. 

Never share your recovery phrase to anyone on website or on twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. These are scammers. Do not fill up any forms or websites with your wallet information, especially private key.