Centra Card to support IOTA–Use Iota to pay with Visa

Centra Card

We have some good news for the Centra Tech Card users. The team is adding support for more crypto currencies including NEO, EOS, NEM and IOTA and eight more coins in upcoming version. The team says that they have been busy collaborating with other crypto coins and are working to create a larger eco system for its users.

This announcement was done on their official Centra slack. Centra is a direct competitor to the TenX, which supports Visa as well and make crypto currencies spendable. Read TenX review here.

Centra has been advised by Floyd Mayweather and he has been posting about CentraTech card on his personal instagram and twitter accounts that has millions of followers.

Some users have already received the card. One of them showing their titanium crypto Visa debit card which is said to be very heavy. Made entirely out of brushed metal, it is about 3-4 times heavier than a typical debit/credit card.

There is a heavy cost associated with the Titanium version though – 500 ethereum coins (ether). Currently, you can load your Centra card using bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, dash, zcash, monero, ripple and other ERC20 tokens. Stay tuned for more updates related to Centra Tech card.