Celsius was attacked by FTX exchange

Mario Nawfal has exposed unethical behavior by FTX and its founder, Sam Bankman in taking down the Celsius project. He says that before the Celsius addresses got frozen, Mario saw myriad coordinated attacks.

Celsius ftx

Bucket of cryptocurrency influencers sponsored by FTX and Alameda bad mouthed Celsius. Infact, he texted people telling them FTX and Alameda involved in bringing Celsius project.

Celsius was way too over-expose on stETH so depegging stETH created a lot of fear around Celsius. The fear was ignited on social media, which further crippled Celsius project. Alameda was leading the attack on stETH. 3AC and others were put in a corner to also sell their stETH, causing massive sell pressure and made it easier to depeg.

72 hours prior to the freeze of withdrawals, everything looked fine. Suddenly massive withdrawals came through in the hundreds of millions of dollars per day, forcing Celsius to halt withdrawals.

Lot of evidence showing Alameda was heavily shorting CEL tokens. Anthony Napolitano checked data on Etherscan and saw more sell pressure from FTX on CEL than the tokens they had.