Bytecoin Zero is BCN wallet for desktop and mobile

Bytecoin team has churned out Bytecoin Zero, a wallet that supports desktop and mobile browsers. The best part is that it does not require users to store their private keys with any third parties.

bytecoin zero wallet

There are many wallets for storing BCN. Bytecoin Zero is the simplest and most versatile so far as it is usable on both desktop and mobile web browsers.

Another thing to note, users can send and receive BCN directly from the Bytecoin Amethyst wallet using either mobile or desktop web browser.

This is what Bytecoin’s CMO, Jenny Goldberg had to say about this release.

“We are proud of the development team for being able to bring this to fruition and happy to share it with our community. This is another example of Bytecoin building technology that has more than material value for the industry at large. We anticipate there being many more.”

Right now, the webpage says that it is “unstable development version”, but it worked fine in our testing. Just do not use it for transferring huge amounts.

Once it is completely stable, Bytecoin Zero wallet will be most easy to use wallet for BCN users that will allow them to send and receive funds from their mobile and desktop.