Bittrex Global Exchange Token launch date

Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange has announced that they will soon be having their own exchange token. Called the Bittrex Global Exchange Token, it will be launched in June 2020. There is no concrete date at this point.

Bittrex Global Exchange Token

Does this mean that Bittrex is getting desperate for other sources of income as their trading volume has dried up? Many feel the same.

There is no word if if Bittrex Global Exchange Token runs on Ethereum blockchain but we are pretty sure it will be an ERC20 token.

Bittrex should have actually put in the work and nominate a couple great fundamental analysts who propose great coins and tokens for listing free of charge.

Many do not know that Bittrex was the industry leaders once. Without a token. Harassing the traders was the issue. Binance has filled the gap left by Bittrex.

Will Bittrex Global Exchange Token be distributed using an IEO / ICO? Well, Bittrex has not said a word about it.