Bitcoin Private, Bitcoin Gold, Bitshares wallet removal from Bittrex next month

If you got Bitcoin Private coins on bittrex due to fork that happened in January 2018 and you have not withdrawn them from the cryptocurrency exchange, you might want to do them before November 5th 2018. Bittrex will be removing the Bitcoin Private (BTCP), Bitcoin Gold (BTG) and Bitshares (BTS) wallet from their exchange as part of their ongoing platform management for performance and operational efficiency.

bitcoin private

To withdraw your coins, make sure to visit and click Wallets. Search for BTCP / BTG / BTS and withdraw your balance to supported 3rd party wallet or another exchange wallet. Coinomi is a popular iOS/Android wallet that supports all of these affected coins.

Keep in mind that none of the aforementioned coins are being traded on Bittrex so you cannot trade them for another coin.

Once again, you must withdraw them from Bittrex exchange before November 5th 2018 as after this date, your assets will be unrecoverable. In case you have issues with withdrawal, make sure to file support ticket on before November 5th to let their support team assist you.

In case your wallet balance in below minimum withdrawal amount, you will not be able to do the withdrawal.