Bitcoin Gold added to BTCPay open source payment processor

btcpay bitcoin gold

BTCPay Server has added support for Bitcoin Gold (BTG) in the latest update, v1.0.2.11. While it is not yet available in the docker, it will soon be enabled and people will be able to use Bitcoin Gold for making payments. BTCPay server is an open source payment processor that is written in C#. It allows easy migration of your code base to self hosted payment processor.

BTCPay server is an excellent solution if you are currently using BitPay as payment solution but wants to offer your customers the option to pay using Bitcoin Gold. The BitPay offers only Bitcoin and BCash to the customers and there are plans to add BTG. Also, BitPay lures users to use Bitcoin Cash which they claim offer lower fees.

The BTCPay has lower fees as it supports segwit. So how will this benefit Bitcoin Gold? Well, for one, more people will come to know about the very existence of Bitcoin Gold and this will force them to learn more about it. Some will appreciate the fact that Bitcoin Gold is ASIC-resistant and thus, the hashing rate, though lower than Bitcoin, will be maintainable/mineable by using graphics cards that are much cheaper than ASIC machines. These machines are used for mining BTC, BCH and LTC.