BFX Coin is scam crypto currency: BFX coin review


A new crypto currency by the name of BFX coin has popped up recently and is slowly getting a lot of traction. It is yet another scam coin by a small company in India that claims to do this and that but in reality offers nothing. Just like ATC coin that took money of many people who wanted to get-rich-quick, the BFX coin wants to do the same. The company is operating from Delhi, India while it has its headquarters stated elsewhere – just the ATC Coin, another scam crypto coin whose owner was recently caught by Indian police.

Their whitepaper has been created by a 2-year old kid. Just look at the graphics which seem to have been copy-pasted or made using MS Paint. It is not being traded anywhere and its total supply is a whopping 1 billion coins. Yet somehow, the price from coinmarketcap shows the price is $0.99.

It sucks that people are putting money into a ponzi crypto currency that is not being traded in any market; has no market cap; no volume and something that is few days old and boast price of a dollar.

A lot of Ponzi schemes and crypto exchanges are popping up everywhere in India. For instance, last month we wrote about BuyUCoin and warned our users not to send money to their so-called exchange.

bfx coin

Next time someone tells you put money into their sh*t cryptocurrency, check their background; do some googling and never fall into get-rich-quick schemes.