AtomicDEX PRO v0.2.0 released for Windows, Mac OS and Linux

AtomicDEX PRO v0.2.0 has been released for all three desktop OS – Windows, Mac and Linux. This new version includes a lot of new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

atomic dex download

Komodo is behind the Atomic DEX project, which is a complete decentralized cryptocurrency exchange with full support of Atomic Swaps between two crypto currencies. Komodo team has also added four new coins – AXE, OOT, RFOX and CCL.

So, can you download and use it? Yes, but keep in mind that it is still in Alpha phase and there can be many bugs. Clearly, Atomic DEX is Looking and working better and better. We are looking forward to the DeFi and liquidity provider solutions.

Candlesticks chart enhancements
CEX rate comparison
Currency toggle: FIAT/BTC/KMD (tap on portfolio value)
Update notifications
Added privacy button (hide balance)
Added AXE, ZER, OOT, RFOX, CCL coins

Updated UI layout
Optimized UI rendering (Windows-specific)
Updated DEX core
Increased precision for FIAT values
Improved icon/amount visualization
Display all orders from local DB (trading history)

Fixed memleak (Windows-specific)
Fixed order list “scroll issue”
ERC20 txfee
Fixed swaps history
Update ZEC config

You can download the releases from Komodo’s github here.

Mac OS sha256 checksum: 7bd2ae4578295950cabd6c19b5a915fade1edf81e460e69ed0cdb3d4c9b208fc

Windows sha256 checksum: cd305d8c9a9c538ce7c26b03998ebdc858082e6e1f2d2aeda1a8c6ad28e3fa9b

Linux sha256 checksum: 54e29d3dd4acb594c64e55e550d1a4c09ab457b8c0b5162ba45fe3a6ebe49d54

You will need atleast Ubuntu 16.04 to run the Linux variant of Atomic DEX.