AMD Miners for Vertcoin and Bitcoin Gold are now available for download

amd gpu

It is a good day for AMD miners as two cryptocurrencies have released support for AMD graphic cards. Vertcoin has not released a different miner for AMD but has added it in the One Click Miner v1.2.0.0.

Here is the changelog of the new One Click Miner for Vertcoin.

* Added AMD mining support via lyclMiner
* Added device selection and device work size assignment capabilities to AMD mining via the ‘Settings’ menu

You can download the Vertcoin miner from here.

Bitcoin Gold too released an AMD miner. Well, they really did not coded this one but took help from lollidieb from LolMiner to make one. Lollidieb’s miner is compatible with BTCZ, SAVE, SNOWGEM, LTZ as well, not just Bitcoin Gold. This makes the miner compatible with the new Equihash BTG algorithm that has different parameters compared to the original Equihash algo that is being used for Zcash mining.

Here are the download links for the new Bitcoin Gold miner, courtesy of Lollideb:

Here are the results of new BTG miner:

Nvidia GTX 1080:   ~36 sol/s
AMD RX 560:   ~7 sol/s
AMD RX 580:  ~13 sol/s
AMD R9 290:  ~12 sol/s