AEONPocket v0.2 brings support for Sophia update

aeon pocket

AEONPocket team has been updated to work with the upcoming AEON Sophia update. For those who do not know about AEON pocket, it is a web based user interface that lets you manage your AEON coins without running a full AEON node. This can save lots of time. Since the application is still in development, the developer suggests using AEON pocket to store Aeon only in small amounts.

For long term storage, it is suggested you use a paper wallet for AEON. Moneroaddress website is a fine website for creating one.

Here is the changelog of AEONPocket v0.2:

* Aeon ‘Sophia’ is the new daemon powering the wallet.
* Updated mnemonic seed to use 25 word.
* Added View only wallet support.
* Transactions up to last 90 days can be imported once per wallet.
* Miscellaneous bug fixes and UI enhancements.

Here is the github of AEON pocket, in case you wish to take a look at the code.

If you are a user of Aeon pocket, feel free to donate to support the developers behind it in order to keep their servers running. They do not charge anything for it.