Aeon hard fork details: Aeon Sophia released and rebase of Aeon codebase

aeon hard fork

Aeon hard fork will be happening on June 3rd 2018 and while no new coin will be made, this is a pretty significant update. So if you mine Aeon or store them on local wallet, you will need to do the update. Just update the miner software such as XMR-STAK / XMRig and you will notice soon if your software is correct or not as the updated pool will simply reject the shares submitted by your mining machine.

Latest version of Aeon software, v0.12 is released that brings its codebase to the latest master branch of Monero. The purpose of this updated codebase is to keep the changes to the network rules relatively small. Following Monero’s network rules have been removed.

Dynamic per-kb fees: PR-1276
Activation of RingCT: PR-961
Enforcement of RingCT & minimum mixin 4: PR-1869
Increase of penalty-free full reward zone: PR-490 & PR-1869

Here are the download links:

Other rule changes that are beneficial have been adopted. The network version has been bumped from v1 -> v7 which is same as Monero.

Per-kb fees: PR-184
Allow miners to claim less money than allowed: PR-410
Claim a quantized reward in coinbase & all outputs must be decomposed: PR-425
Require miner tx to have well behaved outs: PR-763
Reject invalid pubkeys: PR-1386
Use new block filling algorithm: PR-1902
Forbid duplicate ring members: PR-2188
Checks for top block hard fork version: PR-2269
Reject unsorted ins and outs: PR-2440
CryptoNight variant 1: PR-3253 (This is adapted to CryptoNight-Lite, making it CryptoNight-Lite-variant1)
Difficulty will be reset to 2 billion following the mainnet fork at height 963500