WeNano is Nano Wallet with social features built in

download wenano iphone

WeNano is a wallet for Nano cryptocurrency with a twist. It has all the basic features that one expects in a Nano wallet.

Here are main features of WeNano wallet.

Spots – These are points of interest (POI) where users can get payout at set intervals. Anyone in the world can set up a spot. You can donate to a spot from WeNano’s built-in wallet.

Social – You get a social profile once you finish setting up a WeNano account. Using this feature, you can discover other people nearby. You can even send them a tip using the QuickTip feature.

Wallet – As mentioned earlier, WeNano doubles as a wallet. Infact, it has all the basic wallet features needed to perform with merchants. It is also possible to see value of Nano in your local currency.

WeNano app is available only for iOS devices and currently, they have no plans to bring it to Android platform. You can download WeNano from here.

If you are a merchant and want to show up as one on the WeNano’s map, contact them at merchant@wenano.net or fill out this form.


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