Pandoon automatically syncs crypto currency trades: Automatic trade synchronization

pandoon cash by verge

Verge team has launched Pandoon which is a coin tracker that lets you synchronize trades on supported exchanges and checks how you are performing. Pandoon give you complete overview of your trades and calculates your profits and losses. Pandoon records many different transactions types in order to keep an accurate portfolio balance for accounting and tax purposes. So gone are the times where one had to keep an excel sheet or a mobile application like blockfolio to manage your portfolio. With Pandoon, all of your trades are synchronized automatically and displayed accurately in real time. So it is like blockfolio but you do not have to manually enter or edit data yourself. All that is done automatically whenever you buy or sell anything.

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NEO and Microsoft to announce DAPPS Competition

NEO and Microsoft will be holding a DAPPS (decentralized applications) contest where more than 40 teams will be participating and showing their projects. This was earlier a rumor but now it has been confirmed on Neo’s slack that NEO and Microsoft, together are hosting this competition. Some of the projects that have been submitted and already running on NEO’s testnet include NEP-5 trading contracts (for a DEX); Insurance contracts; SC based marketplace for digital goods; SC based savings account; Crowdfunding on SCs; Authentication via SCs and And many more.

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LoyalCoin, an ERC20 token backed by NEM President: LoyalCoin ICO

loyalcoin logo

It seems that NEM has joined hands with a project called LoyalCoin which is based in Philippines. LoyalCoin is a project that will be replacing existing loyalty program, point service in Japan with blockchain technology. This type of project is definitely not the first but such kind of project is first one to get into partnership with NEM. A lot of NEM people are mentioned as advisors in the LoyalCoin project which includes President, Regional Head of South East Asia, Global Director for Partnerships and Council Member of NEM foundation.

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China Bitcoin Mining Ban – No low-cost electricity to bitcoin mining operations

china bitcoin mining ban

China has made Bitcoin mining illegal and is sending notices to Bitcoin mining farms. The notice says Sichuan Electric power company will soon stop supplying power to the Bitcoin mining farms. In the notice, they say that a lot of power is consumed by the mining machines. The report comes from caijing, a Chinese portal to which one Bitcoin miner commented that the bitcoin mining was being done using discarded water that is let go without producing electricity. This is the chief reason why the price of electricity is so low.

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Ledger Support added for Bitcoin Gold: BTG supported by Ledger Nano S

Ledger Support added for Bitcoin Gold

LegerHQ has just tweeted and confirmed that they will be supporting Bitcoin Gold on November 13. The new bitcoin will be launching today at 7PM UTC at block height 491407. Right now, testnet support is already operational and bitcoin gold team has confirmed on their official twitter account that everything is working as expected. The Bitcoin Gold will be added to your account automatically and no action is required from your end.

Read More will disrupt existing financial status quo: Review coin review is a decentralized peer-to-peer platform which was announced by Chien Lee, a billionaire living in USA and having majority share in French soccer club OGC Nice. He brings his top-tier knowledge of their industries and many are already invested to making a highly successful ICO. Infact, the new ICO is already causing lots of waves in the cryptocurrency world. For instance, there is an option for the investors to buy their own trade tokens and become part of the liquidity pool.

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Mine Bitcoin Gold: How to mine BTG coin? Download Bitcoin Gold Miner for AMD and Nvidia graphics card

Mine Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold is a fork of Bitcoin but unlike latter, a normal person can mine BTG with their computer. For best results, you will need a computer with Nvidia or AMD graphics card. The Bitcoin Gold makes use of Equihash algorithm which is also used by Zcash and ZenCash which are two very popular crypto currencies. Due to that, we have a range of tools that can mine Bitcoin Gold easily.

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BFX Coin is scam crypto currency: BFX coin review


A new crypto currency by the name of BFX coin has popped up recently and is slowly getting a lot of traction. It is yet another scam coin by a small company in India that claims to do this and that but in reality offers nothing. Just like ATC coin that took money of many people who wanted to get-rich-quick, the BFX coin wants to do the same. The company is operating from Delhi, India while it has its headquarters stated elsewhere – just the ATC Coin, another scam crypto coin whose owner was recently caught by Indian police.

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Bytecoin Android Wallet brings untraceable payments to mobile

download bytecoin android wallet

The official Bytecoin wallet for android smartphones has been released. This will allow bytecoin users to send and receive BCN from anyone on their mobile devices. The app is easy to use and runs without hiccups on any android phone. You will be asked to register the first time you log on. We found if you earlier registered on bytecoin’s web wallet, you can use your existing credentials.

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Neon wallet updated to support Nano Ledger S

neon wallet nano ledger s

Neon wallet is a popular wallet for managing your NEO and many people prefer it over Neo’s official desktop wallet since it does not require the user to download entire blockchain before using it. This means the user is able to use the wallet immediately after entering his secret WIF code. This new version adds support for Nano Ledger S, a popular hardware wallet for storing crypto currencies. Earlier, the only way to use Ledger S was by using official Neo wallet.

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