Vertcoin TOR Wallet for sending anonymous transactions coming in two weeks

Vertcoin TOR Wallet

Vertcoin has announced on twitter that they are going to release Vertcoin TOR wallet that will allow users to send transactions anonymously. This includes banned places as well. There is no concrete release date but it will likely to be released in two weeks from now. The wallet is said to be based on the Electrum wallet and connects to the network over a TOR proxy connection.

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Move Qtum to Bittrex before October 4 2017 for Qtum blockchain upgrade

Qtum blockchain upgrade

If you hold Qtum on myetherwallet, we highly suggest you to move them to Bittrex for the Qtum blockchain upgrade. Folks at Qtum coin will be upgrading from ERC 20 token to full mainnet blockchain that will feature EVM based smart contract platform and proof of stake consensus model. Bittrex has announced on their support page that they will be upgrading the blockchain for users.

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Kraken to add TenX: PAY Token coming to Kraken crypto currency exchange

At 32:02 in today’s Q&A, Julian of TenX confirmed that he and his team are in talks with Kraken, a very popular crypto currency exchange to add TenX (PAY) to their website. This is big news as Bittrex is the only big cryptocurrency exchange out of 15 exchanges that trade PAY token. So if Kraken adds TenX on their website that will bring the much need boost to the TenX price which went down from $5.4 to $1.6 in single month.

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Buy Vertcoin: How to buy VTC crypto coin? Vertcoin buying guide

Vertcoin (VTC) is one of the most promising coins out there, offering decentralized mining, 1-click miner, web wallet, lightning network and incredibly talented and active developer team. The value of Vertcoin is slated to go sky-high and that is why one should buy Vertcoin crypto coin now to order to maximize their gains. Here are the steps on how to buy Vertcoin.

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PivX Quarter Plan and Upcoming Updates

pivx coin updates 2017

PivX team has released their roadmap for the quarter 2017. This includes new android wallet update; zerocoin protocol implementation; iOS wallet and multi signature integration in wallet. The android PivX app was released last month and works like a charm but there are some bugs here and there that will be ironed out with this upcoming update. Zerocoin privacy protocol will finally be implemented as well which will definitely boost its demand and price by a long shot.

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Kybernetwork Blog Down: Kyber Network under hack attack – KNC coin

Kybernetwork knc coin

Kyber Network ICO will be taking place on September 15th 2017 which is about 5 days from now. Recent tweet from the official twitter account indicates that the there was an attempt to hack KyberNetwork’s blog. The team says that they got notified early so they are taking their KyberNetwork blog down temporarily to take measure.

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OmiseGo Google Partnership on the way? OmiseGo promises partnership with Google

OmiseGo Google Partnership

OmiseGo was at Google Thailand headquarters today for some partnership. They teased their investors by posting a photo with its team with a caption saying “deeper partnership discussion!” Right after posting the photo, the tweet went viral and gave OmiseGo a huge boost. Infact, OmiseGo broke its all-time-high, approaching almost 0.003BTC which is quite a jump from 0.00233.

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Banned ICOs: ICOs under investigation by China – Chinese Government banned these ICOs

ICO list banned by China

Chinese government has released a list of whopping 60 ICOs that will be put up for investigation and monitoring. The letter issued by the government was sent to Chinese province of Fujian on September 2nd 2017 and it mentions issuing guidance to local government of Fujian. It demands report on ICOs, trading and exchange websites by September 4th 2017 which has already passed.

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Red Pulse ICO Postponed: Red Pulse ICO Token Sale Date – NEO first ICO

Red Pulse ICO Token Sale Date

Red Pulse has made an announcement that the company will be postponing the Red Pulse ICO token sale. It was slated to take place from September 10th – 24th 2017. The company has consulted its financial and legal advisers and they have come to conclusion that they need more time to better understand the current regulatory environment. Their new KYC process ensures that no citizen from China, USA or Singapore is able to take part in the token sale. This will definitely effect in Red Pulse ICO in a negative way as considerable investment was expected to come from those countries, especially China.

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