Signatum is privacy coin: Buy Signatum – Signatum Review

signatum review

Signatum takes you back to pre-ICO days when there used to be more ICO – only mining so nobody gets any kind of unfair advantage. It is a 100 percent GPU mining coin that is based on SkunkHash Raptor algorithm which is unique to Signatum. It is extremely privacy focused and you are reassured about its privacy features when you read its whitepaper, which is excellent for those who love mathematics too since it explains its algorithm in detail.

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TenX iPhone and Web App release date: TenX iOS and web apps closed beta

tenx app

We have some new updates about the TenX that is making its name in a big way in crypto currency market. The team has announced that the web app closed beta will begin on the 14th of August along with a gradual public rollout in the weeks following. The iPhone / iOS app’s closed beta will begin on the 21st of August. The public rollout will happen in the weeks following. Their blog has also posted some screenshots of the TenX web app.

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Yunbi Lists TenX: One of biggest exchanges in China has TenX listed

tenx yunbi

Yunbi which is one of the biggest trading exchanges in China has the TenX PAY token listed. This was confirmed by TenX’s twitter account and we also confirmed on that TenX is infact listed there. What does this mean for TenX? Getting listed on a big trading website means more exposure and more people will be investing in TenX currency.

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Bytecoin Reference Client and Wallet get updated

Bytecoin Reference Client and Wallet get updated

Bytecoin team has been quite busy lately. The team has released v2.1.0 of the Reference Client and v1.1.9.1 of Bytecoin wallet to the public that solves many issues and brings improvements that will make the end user experience much better. For the bytecoin reference client, this includes fixing transaction pool issues and bringing daemon synchronization improvements. For the Bytecoin wallet, the dependencies have been updated.

Read More Bitcoin Cash Update: Purse users getting bitcoin cash in 30 days has announced on their website that they will be offering its users a way to get hold of the free bitcoin cash that created after the hard fork of bitcoin network on August 1st 2017. Since the private keys were not available for download from the purse’s wallet, users were forced to forward their funds elsewhere where they could squeeze out bitcoin cash. However, if you did not pull out your funds prior to the bitcoin’s hard fork, you will not get the bitcoin cash. Bitcoin Cash Update

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BuyUCoin is Scam Website: BuyUCoin Review

BuyUCoin Review

Crypto currency market is going upright spiral in terms of popularity and this has attracted attention of plethora of scammers and thieves that like making money by cheating. One such website called has cropped up in Noida, India. A quick Google search reveals that the area is brimming with scammers and thieves. Buyucoin claims to be market leader in India which is quite funny since it is behaving like localbitcoins, unocoin and plenty of other startups do not exist. This is a major red flag telling you not to give a single cent to the people at Buyucoin.

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Poloniex Bitcoin Cash Update–Free bitcoin cash to Poloniex Bitcoin holders

poloniex bitcoin cash

Poloniex has been in the news for all the wrong reasons – disabling litecoin wallets, Zcash wallets, Bytecoin wallets; not participating in free Stellar Lumens campaign and even updating their terms on the hard fork day. Today, they have announced that they will be crediting all users who had their bitcoin in their account balance at the time of the fork with matching BCH. This will be done on August 14th 2017 or before.

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