Hirebits ICO Review: Hirebits is a scam ICO from India


There are two ways to make money – one is honest way and another is by cheating. Unfortunately, scammy Indian ICOs are on the rise. Meet Hirebits, which was pointed by a reddit user bacontoralpha. He says that their whitepaper is full of red flags and indeed it is. There is no legit company behind the ICO and looks like they are just raising money to pull another Confido-like scam.

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NiceHash payment system hacked, $67 million dollars worth of Bitcoin stolen

NiceHash payment system hacked

NiceHash has announced on their official reddit page that the NiceHash payment system was compromised and all the bitcoin stored in their wallet has been stolen. They are still working to know the precise number of bitcoin but sources have told that around 67 million dollars worth has been stolen. The company has already reported this matter to the relevant authorities and working to restore the NiceHash service with highest security measure at earliest opportunity.

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Reserve Bank of India issues another Bitcoin warning

Reserve Bank of India bitcoin ban

Bitcoin has been banned and called illegal in India many times already by Indian government and Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Today, India’s central bank, RBI again issued a strong warning about bitcoin and associated risks of investing in cryptocurrencies in general. The bank said that the users, holders and traders of crypto currencies should understand the potential economic, financial, operational, legal risks.

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CEX.io increases USD Withdrawals to MasterCard

CEX.io increases USD Withdrawals to MasterCard

Withdrawal limits from CEX.IO to your MasterCard cards have been increased. For this, you need to have one of these account types – verified, verified plus and corporate. After that, you can withdraw up to $5,000 per one transaction. If you are not verified yet, take a chance to increase your limits by simply passing the verification process. The platform will charge the commission of 1.2%+$3.8 per transaction.

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NEM Catapult Project to solve scalability problems

NEM Catapult Project

Most blockchains still have a single-tiered network where the wallet and server are one in the same at the core level. The original NEM architecture was one of the first to efficiently design and utilize a two-tiered network.  Project Catapult is the first ever announced network using Three. The lead developer working on Catapult told that; older blockchains scale linearly, one server serves only a certain amount of clients.

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Bitstamp calls Bitcoin Cash “Bcash”–Full trading support added for Bcash

bcash coin

Bitcoin Cash trading is now live on Bitstamp which is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in world. It is being referred to as Bcash on their website and the entire crypto twitter cannot help but take jibe at the Bitstamp statement “..to help avoid confusion between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, please note that we refer to Bitcoin Cash as “Bcash (BCH)” on our platform.” To kick things off, Bistamp will not be charging any fee until 31st of December 2017.

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Monaco token now trading on BigOne, EXX, Huobi, OkEx and Upbit

Monaco token

Monaco tokens are now being traded on five new new crypto currency exchanges which includes BigOne, EXX, Huobi, OkEx and Upbit. This will increase the liquidity and access of the Monaco’s MCO token to more than 5 million new users. The Monaco token is already being traded on Bittrex, Binance, EtherDelta, Liqui, Livecoin, and YoBit. You can already trade, deposit and withdraw Monaco tokens on the new exchanges.

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PivX Core Wallet 3.0.6 solves sync issues and other bugs

Download PivX Core Wallet 3.0.6

PivX Core wallet v3.0.6 has been released that brings myriad bug fixes and stability enhancements. While it is not a mandatory upgrade if you are already running but is recommended to upgrade to keep everything up to date with core updates. Several users were complaining about wallet syncing problems and this update is meant to solve those issues. How to Update to this version? First, gracefully exit/stop the current wallet from the wallet. (File – Exit or ./pivx-cli stop).

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Bittrex: Basic account withdraw limit has been reached. Please try again in 24 hours. To increase your limits, please verify your account to the Enhanced level

bittrex basic account limit

If you are doing a lot of withdraw on Bittrex, you may come across this error “Basic account withdraw limit has been reached. Please try again in 24 hours. To increase your limits, please verify your account to the Enhanced level”. Let us explain why this error occurs. If you sign up on bittrex, you can get basic verification done by submit their name, address, and birth date. This is generally done instantly. Bittrex verify this through public records. If bittrex can verify you through public records, bittrex will accept your application for a basic account.  If that fails as well, bittrex will need to proceed to an enhanced verification.

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BTC Lite brings faster, cheaper transactions


Bitcoin is often criticized for being slow and lethargic. These days it takes upwards of 4 hours to receive funds, especially if you go for lower transaction fees, which too are in range of $5 or more. If you choose to deliver funds faster, which is still around 30 minutes or so, you will have to pay hefty $10 or higher. This is because of tough competition from Bitcoin Cash which sometimes becomes more profitable to mine than Bitcoin. BTC Lite, unlike bitcoin, runs on Ethereum blockchain which is much more efficient.

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