Zeux Coin teams up with Coinbase for facilitating everyday payments

zeuxcoin coinbase

Zeux is collaborating with Coinbase to bring crypto for use in everyday life. Zeux will be delivering fiat to cryptocurrency conversions to the European customers. This will make Zeux a real day-to-day payment currency which is a big step for mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

Zeux will be launching its application next month in Europe. The pre sale of Zeux Coin will also take place in April. Cobinhood will be the first crypto exchange to offer it for trading.

Frank Zhou, CEO & Founder of Zeux, added: “Coinbase is one of the most trusted digital currency platform in the world and we’re delighted to form this strategic collaboration with them for our main crypto-fiat gateway. Coinbase is the ideal solution to help us bring fast and instant cryptocurrency exchanges and conversions for our customers.”

zeuxcoin coinbase

This is a huge news for Zeux’s upcoming ICO as they are partnering with a big player in cryptocurrency world – Coinbase that is valued at eight billion dollars and generated 1.3 billion dollars in the bear market of 2018.