Nav launches Valence, new private application platform: What is Valence?

valence nav coin

Nav Coin developers have churned out Valence, which is a platform that will allow ourselves and other developers to build apps that leverage blockchain to share and store decentralized data. Valence will help you build blockchain applications in different kind of fields including Mathematics, Math, Economics, Cryptography and Computer Science to build even the most basic of applications.

So how does the Valence works? The Valence forms the data layer of each application and can accept a range of data types. However, unlike Ethereum that make use of virtual machines to execute Dapps’ logic, Valence does not require one. The smart contract are made part of the core software which creates a safer and innovative way of applying conditional payments based on the distributed ledger.

Also, with Valence, the developer does not need to put all of your application on the blockchain. Only the important parts of the blockchain and then have the platform provide safe and tested ways to interact with the blockchain and smart contracts.

Valence offers variety of tools that let you do other things and that includes crowdfunding mechanisms, user data management, privacy methods, and much more. And since it is open source, you will be able to integrate other additional features that let you test them to ensure that they are robust.