Vertcoin iOS Wallet rejected again, use Coinomi instead

vertcoin ios wallet

Vertcoin iOS wallet has been in development from quite a while but looks like this time, Vertcoin developers have hit a wall with the Apple. Everytime the team submits their app for review, it gets rejected and while the team has worked on with Apple to get the ‘problems’ sorted out, this time, it is different. Apple has rejected their iOS app this time as Vertcoin is not an approved cryptocurrency. This means the team is at the end of the road.

Previously, the coin was rejected due to following reasons and each time, they were able to get the problems resolved.

1. Needed duns number
2. Needs further review (developers had to provide info about Vertcoin)
3. Design-spam (developers had to explain what open sourced software was)

One Vertcoin developer even requested a phone call from Apple for being called an unapproved cryptocurrency. They did this in January and they finally got a call two weeks back. The team was told that Apple cannot do anything since Vertcoin was not an approved currency in the app store.

So, if you really want to store Vertcoins on your iPhone, you will have to use the Coinomi app that is available for iOS devices. It is available for an android devices as well.