Verge hard fork incoming to patch damage, lead dev accidentally forks entire blockchain

verge hack

Verge developers are having a hard time today for sure. First, they accidently forked the entire blockchain and today, the developers are saying they will have to re-fork to patch the damage from the 51% attack. The fork, unfortunately, would not be released until tomorrow and this means the Verge’s blockchain will continue to get wrecked. The bug is still being exploited by the hacker and this means the hackers are free to unload their bags on exchanges. This makes it very easy to tank the price of Verge cryptocurrency.

If by patch Verge mean they will refund everybody who now holds dud coins of their own personal wallets, then that’s great. If by patch they mean just fork off the old, exploit sourced coins, and leave the wallets holding them empty handed, well that’s not a patch. That’s just stealing.

So will the Verge hard fork give you new coins? Nope, if you think Verge Cash or Verge Gold is coming tomorrow, then that is not the case. The old, i.e, current blockchain will be discarded.

Here is the funny thing – Verge’s lead developer had no clue if he had actually pushed a hardfork, making the current blockchain snapshot not valid anymore. This means the wallet would not sync from scratch anymore and current blockchain is simply not usable anymore with their new fix. The first block from hacker is 2007365 and client stalls at block 2007364.