Tron TRX team caught copying pasting codes from Ethereum Github

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Earlier, the Tron TRX team was caught for plagiarizing white paper and today, they were caught again with copying and pasting codes. They even forgot to credit anyone and then tried to hide it but got caught to hide it. The TRON runs on Ethereum blockchain and simply copied code from ethereum’s official github to their github without crediting the original project. The Tron team has deleted the link to the copied file but here is the original ethereum file link.

This is violation of the LGPL (ethereumj) license because Tron team didn’t mention that java-tron has been derived from the ethereumj project. Copying someone’s work without giving them proper credits is considered very bad practice in the open source community.

The Tron foundation replied,

We referred some codes of ETH due to the festinate time, we apologize for it and will correct it immediately.

Another used said that the file in cryptohash folder of Tron’s github were taken from sphlib with just the license removed and replaced with their own. While the Sphlib license is permissive, they do mention that permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

The people are quite unhappy the way Tron handled it. Yesterday, Tron released another statement.

The design of TRON is based on it’s own system and the realization of codes, some codes of Ethreum were used as reference, we didn’t note related license, from now on we will note the copyright ownership and promise this won’t happen again. Thank you for your support.