Tron super representative election date and details

Tron super representative election date

The first ever Tron’s (TRX) Super Representative Election will be happening on June 26th 2018 and in this, 27 super representatives will be elected by the ~65.748 billion Tron community. On 21st of June 2018, Tron will no longer be an ERC20 token that runs on Etheruem blockchain. It will have its own blockchain. All this will be happening in month of June so June will be a crucial month for Tron.

The election of Super Representatives will also be happening in June – June 26th to be exact. These will act as guardians of the Tron network and will represent the will of people. At the same time, they will play a crucial rule in Tron’s future governance structure.

Total of around 1 billion TRX will be awarded annually to 27 super representatives and there will be no inflation on the Tron network before January 1st 2021.

The Tron protocol has grown significantly since its launch and there are more than 1 million supporters from one hundred countries.

The revolution will begin with TRON, as we become a new decentralized protocol with a democratic, self-governing community, free elections, and overarching legitimacy.

Tron Foundation will be locking ~34.251 billion Tron will be left locked and kept separate from the voting process for the Super Representative election.

Justin Sun says that each and every single Tron supporter can contribute to the Tron protocol by participating in the election or by running to become a Super Representative.