Switcheo cryptocurrency exchange gets a brand new look

Switchneo cryptocurrency exchange is undergoing rebrand. This rebrand consists of three main changes – name, logo and description.

new switcheo logo

1) Name – Previously, “Switcheo”, “Switcheo Network”, “Switcheo Exchange” were used interchangeably but from now on, the exchange will be referred to as only Switcheo.

2) Logo – Switcheo has a newer, sleeker logo that looks better than ever. Colors have also been changed to accompany a more modern look.

3) Description – Switcheo has updated their description as well.

Switcheo builds decentralized platforms that break new ground, bringing you finance without limits. Whether you’re a battle-weary trader or are just making your first purchase, there’s nothing cryptic about crypto on Switcheo. Leading the pack with multiple world firsts, your time spent with Switcheo will be a worthwhile investment.”

Switcheo’s new logo and identity is now online. They believe that their new identity focuses on the fundamental strengths of Switcheo’s brand and the beliefs of their team.

switcheo network

The letter T in the logo gets transformed into an up-right arrow, which Switcheo feels adds energy to their logo – an upward movement.

Clearly, this is more than just a design makeover and represents a better image of what Switcheo actually is.