Sumokoin Wallet updated, brings bug fixes and new GUI

Sumokoin Wallet updated

Sumokoin developer team has churned out Aomori release point 1 that includes fixes for various important wallet bugs. Newer user interface will be made available in next update that will be released soon. Same goes for the LITE wallet that will be released immediately after GUI update. Lite wallet does not require you to download entire blockchain as it only downloads the headers. This release is mainly to fix various wallet bugs for more reliable / stable CLI / LITE / GUI wallets and to make sure blockchain synchronization work properly after hardfork v3.

You can download the latest version from the github. It is recommended to update the wallet as soon as possible to avoid any issue with coins. Here is the official changelog:

* Various wallet bug fixes
* Important bug fix in sub-addresses field
* Adding ARM hardware support for PoW calculation

For those who do not know, Sumokoin is a fork of Monero which offers higher number of minimum transaction mixins. It also more confidentiality by moving format right away to Ring CT. It has total supply of 88,88M coins and can be bought from cryptopia.

So make sure you upgrade the wallet as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will end up using wrong blockchain and many other problems.