Sports Metaverse in Poland?

The Polish – Estonian company Zetly and the American technology company Transmira INC from Silicon Valley will build a Spot Metaverse!

sports metaverse

1.09.2022. Warsaw (PL) / Tallin (EST) / Raleigh, NC (USA)

The Polish-Estonian company Zetly, which creates a sports platform based on the blockchain network, has signed a cooperation agreement with the American company Transmira Inc., which provides the XR Metaverse platform, combining augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and three-dimensional spaces (3D) with real-world locations

Zetly is a company that creates an ecosystem and market for club tokens, NFT, sports memorabilia and a digital wallet in one place. Thanks to the All in One platform, clubs will be able to issue their virtual tokens, sports fans will be able to create their own NFTs, athletes will be able to organize their crowdfunding campaigns and federations and offer unique digital collections. Thus, Zetly wants to create solutions enabling clubs to generate new revenues based on solutions in asset technology and digital resources. Through its sports platform, Zetly is preparing an ecosystem that will be dedicated to all sports in the world, regardless of the discipline. The platform will drive sport with unique solutions, offering a reward system, gamification, voting, ticketing, streaming or Play2 Earn games. Now it also focuses on solutions in the Metaverse.

The Sports Metaverse can be used by sports organizations and clubs not only to tap into new revenue streams, but also to increase fan engagement. It is an opportunity for development and at the same time an ideal investment for those clubs that put close relations with their fans in the first place. Fans are eager to spend money these days, often through tokens, to get a feel for the virtual experiences or to get rewards that can be delivered to them in the digital world. Along with the growing popularity of solutions based on NFT and other digital assets, there are more and more opportunities to use them.

Transmira Inc. is another of our partners that offers future-proof digital solutions based on blockchain. We believe that Transmira with its Omniscape platform and in collaboration with Zetly will allow sports clubs to enter the Metaverse world they cannot even imagine now, with the ability to earn money at the same time and provide their fans with new amazing experiences, “said Michael Glijer, CEO of Zetly .

“What we bring as Transmira is the ability to create full size digital twin stadiums (real and virtual). Then we introduce our patented technology that allows us to combine 3D and NFT objects with special offers on real-world goods. Thus, we will create a complete solution for stadiums. Initially, we will focus on football in the Polish league, and then we plan further expansion “– adds Robert Rice, CEO of Transmira Inc.

Cooperation agreement between Zetly and Transmira Inc. it also plans to launch, together with several other partners, an exclusive pilot program for 2-3 sports clubs in Eastern Europe. Under this program, selected clubs will be offered the opportunity to scan their stadiums and introduce them to the sports world of the Metaverse. Both companies will communicate the details of the program at the beginning of September.

Contact to the media: Krystian Dryniak, CMO Zetly,