Poly Garden steals users funds by changing frontend contracts

Developers of Poly Garden have changed the frontend contracts into vaults which are currently stealing users’ funds. In case you have already interacted with these contracts, make sure to use emergencyWithdraw function and revoke access immediately.

polygarden finance

So why do we think that developers / team are behind this rug pull? Well, they have disabled anyone’s ability to post on their telegram so nobody can complain. This will give them enough time to do the rug pull. Earlier, users were being restricted from writing on telegram when they asked why changed Ethereum contract.

According to the official polygarden.finance website, total value locked inside their contract is 210,907 dollars. Interestingly, they have posted ‘reviewed by RugDoc’ logo on their website which have exposed them on their website and twitter account.

For those who do not know about polygarden finance, it is a panther fork without any referral feature and basic goose token that is similar to orion swap. More than 1/10 rewards were minted to developers but we guess, they were not enough. Also, the contract was under six hour timelock and had 8 hour harvest locks on non native pools.