PivX Paper Wallet Generator: Generate paper wallet for PivX crypto coin

PivX Paper Wallet Generator

PivX is a fast growing crypto currency. There is a lot of hype around the privacy which is why currencies like Monero and PivX are on the rise. If you are not a day trader and want to store the PivX for a long time, the best way is making a paper wallet, thus storing it offline. PivX paper wallet generator is now online and you can generate one for yourself easily. Follow the steps given below to generate your own PivX paper wallet.

First, visit this link https://walletgenerator.net/?currency=PIVX

If you want a simple PivX wallet, which I too use, move your mouse cursor until you are presented with your public address which is where you will be sending your funds for offline storage. Save this QR image (call it public address) and save the public address in a text file as well.

Now, the most important part – save the secret key – both image and long strong of random characters. Save it securely because if you lose this, you will never get your PivX coins back. Make multiple copies of it offline but never store it online. Arrange the pictures and text in a MS Word file and take its print out. Alternatively, if you like fancy wallets, go to Paper Wallet tab and print the fancier version out.

How to import paper wallet in PivX desktop wallet?

Open the wallet and go to tools->debug console, enter “importprivkey YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY”. The wallet will reindex the blockchain looking for transactions involving the newly imported address. Once that is complete the PIVX should be available to send with the wallet.