shines a new light on Crypto Gambling

pasino approaches the cryptocurrency gambling and casino industry with a brand new touch meant to give users an excellent recreational gambling experience.

The project is launching an online casino in which the developing team is integrating the old concepts of gambling into newly designed earning opportunities. 

Prediction and dice rolling games are now reimagined in a futuristic way, creating straightforward entertainment ecosystems that present the activity within the platform in real-time.

What are the games?

Currently, has already deployed three fully playable games; and as the project develops, the earning opportunities will increase as well. 

The users are massively engaging with the existing games: Crash, Hash Dice, and Plinko.

In Crash, gamblers are predicting how long it will take for a rocket-like object to crash.

Hash Dice requests players to roll some numbers and give a close guess for the number the slots will stop at.

And as for the Plinko game, it’s a gambling game inspired by the old game with the same name in which you have to guess where your chip will land to earn rewards.

One impressive innovation brought by Pasino to these gambling games is the auto/manual feature. Players can literally set the game on auto in order to play several rounds in a row without having to join every round of the game manually.

But this level of high gaming did not come out of the blue. The games and innovation came from the long expertise in crypto of FaucetPay’s founders.

The same founding team that developed the micropayment wallet and earnings platform that FaucetPay is has brought

What cryptocurrencies does Pasino accept?

And because such an experienced team develops the online casino, users can now use multiple cryptocurrencies to join the games, such as BTC, USDT, TRON, and DOGE.

Besides mainstream cryptocurrencies, the project will also fully integrate with the Feyorra Ecosystem in order to give players better earning opportunities and allow the FEY stakers to benefit from a share of the house edge.

Although the full implementation of Feyorra is yet to come, the existing user base is already using the FEY token to play the games.

Is it popular?

Although Pasino launched just recently, the platform quickly became extremely popular. Just after one week, 5,000 members of the FaucetPay community decided to join the Pasino project as well and started playing the innovative games.

The gambling platform has an impressive growth rate as it employs various gamification models to increase the gamers’ community. 

With the referral plan employed by the platform, any player can invite his friends into the games and earn additional rewards on each bet the referred users play.

For Crash, a referrer will earn 0.3%, on Plinko 0.1%, and on Dice 0.5%.

But the growth of the platform doesn’t come only from the referral program.

Pasino came up with an earning opportunity that users can exploit to gain more cryptocurrency. 

It is called Wager Mining.

Feyorra is set to distribute 40% of the initial supply through Wager Mining. Users only have to place bets on Pasino and FaucetPay games, and for every $1 played in games, they mine 0.07 FEY. 

The platform counts the equivalent of USD in cryptocurrency, and the FEY rewards are sent straight to the wallets every hour.

The process is as transparent as it can be. Pasino will show every pending reward, and once credited, the reward will be registered to a ledger they can always check.

And with such transparency, the platform aims to gather a large community of players that like online gambling for recreational reasons only.