OmiseGo Airdop Code Released: Download OMG Airdop code

Download OMG Airdop code

OmiseGo is the most successful Ethereum ICO till date. Today, the company has released code for the airdrop that successfully completed on September 24th 2017. OmiseGo team says that it did total of 5242 transactions to send more than 7 million OMG tokens to whopping 460,000 Ethereum holders that qualified for the airdrop. Since then, there have been myriad requests to release the code to the public. OmiseGo team has listened to its community and shared the code with the public. They feel that the airdop code will be useful for the Ethereum community so that other Ethereum-based tokens can do a similar airdop for their crypto currency.

OmiseGo team added that they would like to thank Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum crypto coin and Gavid Wood for writing and adapting the original ‘many-send’ contract and providing method for obtaining etheruem address. All the instructions can be found in the file present in the omisego repository that is downloadable from here.

Keep in mind that the airdop scripts were created for the OmiseGo token in mind and will require careful analysis and modification to be used in other ERC-20 based projects. So consider getting a blockchain developer if you wish to reuse their code.