NEM Lives! Proposal accepted for NEM Foundation

Secretary of NEM Foundation has just posted on LinkedIn that NEM Foundation Funding Proposal has been accepted by the community via voting.


Here is the message posted on LinkedIn –

The Executive Committee and Council Members for #NEM Foundation would like to thank you for voting for the Funding Proposal 2019 — as per the minimum requirements of 3% ‘YES’ votes and 65% majority of ‘YES’ votes, the proposal has been approved by the community.

7 Updates from the Council

✅ Thank you message
✅ Activation of the new structure
✅ Set up of a transformation team
✅ Support towards the launch of NEM’s technology update: Catapult
✅ Ensure Financial integrity and standards
✅ Media engagement
✅ Twice a month updates from the council

This was important for the future of NEM as NEM foundation has played a major part in success of XEM, the currency driving the NEM ecosystem.

He added that NEM Foundation is absolutely committed to working with all contributors to the NEM ecosystem and the Project Management Committee (PMC) to ensure that we are ready kicking things off ahead.

Future is definitely looking bright for NEM.