Nebulas Partners with KingSoft Cloud to Explore Blockchain Games

Nebulas KingSoft Cloud  partnership

Nebulas team has partnered with KingSoft Cloud to explore blockchain games. Nebulas, as we know is the next generation public blockchain and currently ranked sixth globally by China’s ministry of industry and IT. Under this partnership, Nebulas team will provide tech support for the development of blockchain games to KingSoft Cloud.

A lot of people think that games will be the killer app for the blockchain world. Games like cryptokitties have already made blockchian popular and several media outlets covered it.

Nebulas Incentive Program has attracted myriad developers to develop high quality DAPPs. One of these is Cell Evolution which has raised 1M RMB. Another game called “Hidden World OL” has received requests from NEO, QTUM and EOS to release games on their platforms.

For controllable transaction costs, it is being said that most gaming platforms go for private blockchain solution. However, if they run game on something like Nebulas blockchain, the gamers will get better economic return.

Nebulas will be providing underlying public chain tech for the KSYUN blockchain game “project-X” program. This includes full set of services including app development, deployment and testing.

Nebulas and KSYUN will be promoting blockchain game ecosystem that relies on public chains that caters independent game developers.