Move Qtum to Bittrex before October 4 2017 for Qtum blockchain upgrade

Qtum blockchain upgrade

If you hold Qtum on myetherwallet, we highly suggest you to move them to Bittrex for the Qtum blockchain upgrade. Folks at Qtum coin will be upgrading from ERC 20 token to full mainnet blockchain that will feature EVM based smart contract platform and proof of stake consensus model. Bittrex has announced on their support page that they will be upgrading the blockchain for users.

Bittrex will be closing Qtum wallet and stop trading of the token to take accurate snapshot of balance and move them to new Qtum wallet for you. All of this process is automated and nothing is required from user’s end.

So make sure to transfer funds from Qtum wallet or myetherwallet to bittrex or any other exchange that will be doing the upgrade for you. If you do not transfer them before October 4th 2017, you will have to transfer the crypto coins yourself.

Old Qtum tokens will no longer be traded on bittrex and users will be getting their tokens swapped in 1:1 manner. In other words, there will no loss of tokens. You would be able to transfer your ‘new’ Qtum tokens after the upgrade. Make sure to use the Qtum’s new mainnet compatible wallet and not the myetherwallet for storing your coins.