Luxxeum Coin partners with Social Wallet

luxxeum coin and social wallet partnership

Social Wallet is a platform that allows cryptocurrency transfer via social media. It has announced partnership with the Luxxeum coin, a decentralized digital payment system guaranteeing secured P2P transactions. It is the coin behind the blockchain powered E-commerce website where only mobile phones are sold. This website will bring phones from various brands and the company behind Luxxeum will also be launching its own branded mobile phone.

As expected, it will come preloaded with LXX mobile applications including BTC and Ethereum wallets pre-installed. In other words, the Luxxeum mobile market will be the first blockchain powered mobile devices market.

lxx smartphone

Social Wallet allows transfers of cryptocurrency on social media and with their partnership with Luxxeum, soon you will be able to use LXX tokens on their platform. In the same way, LXX mobile market will be accepting Social Wallet’s WIRE token as additional means of payment.

Here’s a review of the Luxxeum coin.

This partnership is all about making people actually use their platform which is important for a blockchain project to succeed. It will also help in mass adoption of cryptocurrency. Luxxeum Coin is part of its growing list of integrated tokens and this is positive for investors of both projects.