LELE Coin Airdrop for IGNIS coin holders: LELE snapshot date

lele airdrop snapshot date

Remember the IGNIS airdrop that happened back in December 2017 to the NXT holders? There is another airdrop coming but for IGNIS holders. LELE coin is an unofficial clone of the IGNIS blockchain and the team of LELE has not done any communication with the IGNIS team. The snapshot date is 28th February 2018 and airdrop will be distributed between 1st-3rd March. The ratio is 10 IGNIS:1 LELE.

For example, if you have 1000 IGNIS coins, you will be able to claim 1 LELE and so on. This has been confirmed in their official blogpost.

Since you will be getting the airdrop on your IGNIS address, you will have to use the same credentials to access your LELE coins. Since this is an unofficial clone of the blockchain, there are chances of losing your IGNIS coins. LELE brings nothing new to the table and is a blatant copy of the blockchain.

lele coin

The IGNIS developers have said that they are not cooperating with LELE in any way and have no intention to do so. They are also upset that they LELE cloned the blockchain without asking them to create a competing token. However, this is a side effect of open source software and nothing can be done about it.