KuCoin Shares (KCS) Token Lock-Up Period of founders and angel investors extended to September 2019

KuCoin shares

KuCoin crypto currency exchange has extended the lock-up period for the KuCoin shares held by founders and angel investors. The exchange has decided that these tokens will remain locked for an additional year, until September 2, 2019. This will definitely have a positive effect on the price of KuCoin Shares.

The total amount of the locked tokens was reduced from 100 to 90 million after the ICO. Ten million of the locked tokens were already distributed to ICO participants as rewards. Currently, the locked tokens are placed in cold storage; you can check them out at:

KuCoin Shares’ price has been going downright spiral ever since announcement of Ian Ballina, a well known online fraudster, in their Ambassador program.

KuCoin is a great exchnage for trading crypto currencies but has been losing popularity fast after making a string of bad decisions. This has greatly affected the price of KuCoin Shares.

Keep in mind that you must keep KuCoin Shares on the exchange to get more KCS as interest. You must not keep them in your ethereum wallet.