KuCoin Exchange improves security, adds safe words and security questions

KuCoin Exchange

KuCoin is a fast growing cryptocurrency exchange and today, it has rolled out new features to improve the overall security. The users will now be asked to set up safe words and security questions to prevent hack attacks and phishing. They have also implemented a new login screen. Once, the user has completed the new security settings, you will asked to use security verification process everytime you access your accounts operations. This includes password reset, withdrawals and deposits.

So what is safe word? The safe word can be any word and this has been done in order to avoid phishing websites. You will be required to enter this safe word everytime you login. If it does not match, this means you are on a phishing website. There are tons of KuCoin apps and phishing websites that want your money.

Along with safe word, you will be asked to set up set of three security questions. This is being done to enhance security level of your account. You will be asked these questions whenever you deposit/withdraw/reset password. Otherwise, you will not have to enter them everytime you login.

kucoin new login screen

The exchange also delisted Centra Coin as it turned out to be yet another crypto scam.