Jim Cramer flips bullish and Bitcoin crashes in 2024

Jim Cramer is often called the inverse market indicator. He is host of Mad Money on CNBC and often trolled for being always on wrong side of trade. Ever since Bitcoin bottomed at $16500 in November 2021, Jim has been calling for a Bitcoin crash and how everything in cryptocurrency world is a scam. 

jim cramer bitcoin

Well, for the first time in almost an year, he flipped bullish with Bitcoin at $45000. Within 24-hours of his statement, Bitcoin crashed to 40,000 dollars, more than 10% in few hours. 

Clearly, Jim Cramer is just impossibly good at calling it wrong. Like clockwork. 

He has most incredible track record ever for being so wrong – we wonder how he still has a job. 

We are still bullish long term so yes, Jim Cramer is right in long term, but nothing goes up in a straight line and steep corrections are impossible to avoid. 

Fast forward 24-hours later, and Bitcoin has recovered quite well, bumping from 40,000 to slightly more than $43000. 

Some technical investors say this is a fake pump pushed by Bitcoin ETF narrative and soon, we will see a huge correction back to ~$35000.