iQuant Exchange Review: Extremely Rude Staff at 5iQuant–Is iQuant a scam?

iQuant Exchange review - is 5iquant a scam

iQuant or is a few month old exchange that is doing some overly aggressive marketing these days to get new coins onboard. We were approached by couple of developers that were approached by iQuant marketing agent. We will be sharing some of the screenshots to show how rudely the marketing agents / developers were treated. The iQuant team is approaching developers on reddit by sending private message.

One developer was approached and he told the marketing agent of iQuant that the price quoted by him was a bit too high considering how low its volume was.

iquant review

The agent told the developer that “he was just a developer and he better fu*k off”. Other sentences that were used were “beggars like you cannot afford”.

Here is our view on this – a lot of developers face trouble in getting their coin/token on popular exchanges and many times, they have limited budget, but that does not mean they should be treated like this.

Note that the their agent deleted the account after developer threatened to expose him.

A project that raised millions in ICO will have no issue in getting their coin listed on binance, kucoin or hitbtc, but not everyone is so lucky. If the developer / marketing head says that they are getting cheaper deal elsewhere or the price quoted by cryptocurrency exchange is out developer’s reach, then the exchange agent should not abuse or demean the developer.

Unfortunately, people at iQuant / 5iQuant do not have basic manners on how to treat a human being, let alone a developer. Personally, I would not put single money on that exchange.