Instacoin adds support for Ethereum Classic

The Instacoin team has installed 99 cryptocurrency ATM machines in Canada and today, they have announced support for Ethereum Classic in these machines. This means anyone will be able to buy or sell their Ethereum Classic in Canada.

instacoin ethereum classic

Instacoin is the first company to bring crypto currency ATM machines to the province of Quebec. Supported currencies include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic. This makes Ethereum Classic cheapest in terms of price.

To find a location near here, visit this link

Instacoin team is also planning to expand into new provinces in Canada very soon but right now, they cannot detail new locations just yet. One user on reddit asked them if they were bringing their crypto ATMs to British Columbia and the answer was “not yet” but many locations in Canada will be getting ATMs in coming months.

Canada already has a very high BTM per capita rate so expect to see crypto ATMs spread like mushrooms, like the ones we have today for fiat currencies.

Here is an old video that we found on YouTube that shows Instacoin ATM in action. It is in French but you will get the idea on how it works.