How to Transfer Photos to iPhone without iTunes?

For iPhone users, iTunes is the most widely used tool for transferring photos to their mobile phones. However, it is not always applicable. Sometimes the computer you are using does not have iTunes installed or you forget your Apple ID or password, so iTunes is not available. Also, iTunes is not very easy to operate and it has a big deficiency that automatically deletes the previously stored images from the Library when you start syncing your iPhone, even if you don’t want to. To avoid the inconvenience, here I would like to share with you three free ways to quickly transfer photos from PC to iPhone.

Method 1: Root iPhone

Apple and Apple Store have very strict and even arbitrary limitations for files to be downloaded on iPhone. iTunes is the only default program that allows data to be transferred from the PC to the iPhone. However, root allows users to remove restrictions on Apple’s iOS system and gain root access to iPhone. In this way, users can transfer files between iPhone and PC without the help of iTunes. On rooted iPhone, you can also use iTunes, App Store and other normal functions. Therefore, jailbreaking is an alternative to import photos from PC to iPhone.

Disadvantages: Root can cause iPhone security, privacy and stability problems. Some root software can filter users’ private information, such as the ID or location of the device. Also, it could lead to instability of the phone system, and it has a risk of turning iPhone into a totally useless “brick” if it is not managed well.

Method 2: IOTransfer

Unlike iTunes, IOTransfer ensures that you can convert photos between your computer and your iPhone in a better, easier way. IOTransfer is the best iPhone manager, and it supports Windows and Mac systems as well as all popular iPhone models. With IOTransfer, you can transfer any number of photos and keep existing photos on the iPhone at the same time. Even better, the entire process of transferring photos through IOTransfer is a few clicks.

Step 1: Install and start IOTransfer, connect your iPhone to your PC, and wait for it to be recognized. If a “trust this computer” warning pops up, click “trust to continue”. You will then see four tabs on the interface, photos, music, videos, and contacts. You can check them all and then click transfer to PC to backup them.


Step 2: Click administration in the top toolbar. On the left, select the photo, and then choose the album. Create a new album.


Step 3: In the new album, click import to transfer photos from your computer to your iPhone. The process takes only a few seconds.

Method 3: iTools

iTools is another very practical iPhone application. With it, you can manage applications, media, e-books from your mobile phone. Here are the steps to upload photos to iPhone with iTools:

· Download iTools on your PC and start the application.

· Connect iPhone to computer using data cable.

· Click the “Import” button in the “Photos” tab.

· Select the folder where the photos are stored and start transferring.

Disadvantages: The data that this tool can access are limited in some sense. When transferring photos, you can only select the entire folder instead of the specific images, which is not so convenient.

All in all, these methods are very suitable for iPhone users who want to transfer photos to iPhone without iTunes. They are quite impressive for those who have used them due to their ease and speed, especially iOTransfer. Besides, iOTransfer is also a free online video downloader. You can use it to download videos from most of the video sites with a few steps.