FLO, FLDC, XVC, BCY, NXC, RADS, BLK, PINK and RIC delisted from Poloniex


Popular cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex has announced that on August 2nd 2018 UTC +0, it will delist a number of currencies from its exchange. This includes FLO, FLDC, XVC, BCY, NXC, RADS, BLK, PINK and RIC. Users have been told to finalize all trades and close any positions in these assets prior to August 2nd. Keep in mind that once these cryptocurrencies are delisted, you will only be able to withdraw them but that too till September 2nd – no more than that.

This means that the Poloniex will be removing the wallets after September 2nd which will make your coins irrecoverable.

Poloniex will also be sending an email to balance holders reminding them to withdraw their funds prior to September 2nd.

The exact timeline of events is as follows:
* August 2: Markets for coins-to-be-delisted will be closed
* September 2: Withdrawal of coins-to-be-delisted will be disabled

So make sure to close your trades and positions from FLO, FLDC, XVC, BCY, NXC, RADS, BLK, PINK and RIC and make suitable adjustments in your portfolio.

We encourage people to invest in quality coins and only invest a small part of their money in high risk coins because those are the ones that have maximum chances of getting delisted.